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 Collapsing Empire.
Posted by bmills - 12-18-17 01:41 - 2 comments
I can't be fair to this book on its own merits; I previously read a Scalzi that I disliked so much that I didn't want to read another book by him. The characters in this one were a little too snarky for my taste, and I found it off-puttingly ...read more
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Posted by Kokipy - 11-15-17 12:24 - 11 comments
I have started this reread. I am impressed with the writing in the opening pages. I had forgotten the lyrical description of the grass, and the sly and subtle suggestions of what’s amiss. I do think this may be Tepper’s finest.
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 In The Courts Of The Crimson King
Posted by Kokipy - 11-10-17 14:31 - 9 comments
I got to this late and had a slow start, but I finished at a rapid pace. I quite enjoyed it. Will shortly order the first one.
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 Call For Submissions 2018
Posted by the mule - 10-25-17 09:13 - 13 comments
As I'm going to be a bit distracted for the next couple of weeks (more busy being retired than when I was working and an impending house move Read 121 times - last comment by Surtac   Print email

Posted by bmills - 10-5-17 03:06 - 3 comments
As I said, I have not been able to get many of this year's selection through my library, but I did read this one.

I thought it was very interesting. I liked the story and the novelty of the semi-sane point-of-view character, but foun ...read more
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 Sparks- July Babbler
Posted by Kokipy - 07-6-17 12:17 - 1 comments
Started this yesterday. Anyone else?
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 The Steerswoman
Posted by Kokipy - 07-5-17 13:01 - 3 comments
The June Babbler- Just finished. Some nice touches. I like the steersperson concept. The focus on intellect in what is otherwise a sword and sorcery environment was engaging. I wasn't convinced by the world building.
Anybody else?
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 The Rise And Fall Of D.o.d.o.
Posted by Kokipy - 07-3-17 22:44 - 17 comments
This is the latest from Stephenson and a co writer. It is fun. Not important, but fun. A twist on time travel, combined with witch craft and Schrödinger's cat.

Hold out for "The Lay of Walmart." Sheer genius.

Edit ...read more
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 May Babbler: Us Of J.
Posted by bmills - 05-3-17 04:19 - 3 comments
Not very far into the book, but wanted to warn folks that it includes some rather harsh violence and torture stuff. If that sort of thing bothers you, skip this one.
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 I Have Seen The Invisible Library.
Posted by bmills - 04-3-17 04:45 - 7 comments
First off, let me start by saying that I don't really care for fantasy and never saw the appeal of steam punk, so the only reason I grudgingly checked this one out is for the sake of discussing it here.

Imagine my surprise at liking ...read more
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