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Posted by bmills - 01-9-18 07:41 - 4 comments
This is a lighter, faster read than the Ancillaries, and the heroine grew on me over the course of the book. I kinda liked it.

However, the pronoun stuff frustrated and confused me, just like the Ancillaries. I have no problem with addit ...read more
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 Favorite Reads Of 2017
Posted by starexplorer - 12-29-17 10:34 - 2 comments

1. I try to limit myself to five books each at most in fiction and nonfiction. I had an excellent year in nonfiction, and somewhat less stellar but still good in fiction.
2. It’s ok to cheat on Guideline #1.
3. ...read more
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 Collapsing Empire.
Posted by bmills - 12-18-17 01:41 - 6 comments
I can't be fair to this book on its own merits; I previously read a Scalzi that I disliked so much that I didn't want to read another book by him. The characters in this one were a little too snarky for my taste, and I found it off-puttingly ...read more
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Posted by Kokipy - 11-15-17 12:24 - 11 comments
I have started this reread. I am impressed with the writing in the opening pages. I had forgotten the lyrical description of the grass, and the sly and subtle suggestions of what’s amiss. I do think this may be Tepper’s finest.
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 In The Courts Of The Crimson King
Posted by Kokipy - 11-10-17 14:31 - 9 comments
I got to this late and had a slow start, but I finished at a rapid pace. I quite enjoyed it. Will shortly order the first one.
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 Call For Submissions 2018
Posted by the mule - 10-25-17 09:13 - 13 comments
As I'm going to be a bit distracted for the next couple of weeks (more busy being retired than when I was working and an impending house move Read 127 times - last comment by Surtac   Print email

Posted by bmills - 10-5-17 03:06 - 3 comments
As I said, I have not been able to get many of this year's selection through my library, but I did read this one.

I thought it was very interesting. I liked the story and the novelty of the semi-sane point-of-view character, but foun ...read more
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 Sparks- July Babbler
Posted by Kokipy - 07-6-17 12:17 - 1 comments
Started this yesterday. Anyone else?
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 The Steerswoman
Posted by Kokipy - 07-5-17 13:01 - 3 comments
The June Babbler- Just finished. Some nice touches. I like the steersperson concept. The focus on intellect in what is otherwise a sword and sorcery environment was engaging. I wasn't convinced by the world building.
Anybody else?
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 The Rise And Fall Of D.o.d.o.
Posted by Kokipy - 07-3-17 22:44 - 17 comments
This is the latest from Stephenson and a co writer. It is fun. Not important, but fun. A twist on time travel, combined with witch craft and Schrödinger's cat.

Hold out for "The Lay of Walmart." Sheer genius.

Edit ...read more
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