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 Empress Game
Posted by Kokipy - 03-6-17 01:10 - 6 comments
Read it, and the sequel. Somewhat annoyed to have to wait for the third and one hopes concluding volume.
I wasn't wild about this one, although I persisted and as noted, as is my general practice, read the second volume too. It was fairly more
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 Is Anyone Uprooted?
Posted by Kokipy - 02-2-17 00:06 - 13 comments
I liked this one quite a lot. I have read most of the Novik napoleonic era dragon books and enjoyed them, in their somewhat reminiscent of Patrick O'Brian mood. This one seemed to me to be original, and yet somewhat reminiscent of another of my more
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Posted by Kokipy - 01-9-17 19:57 - 5 comments
I think there is still material to discuss, right? even though we started a bit early late last year.
I don't generally like steam punk much, but this is kind of an odd version of it - isn't steam punk usually land/atmosphere bound, a more
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 Passengers, Story Source
Posted by the mule - 01-1-17 18:00 - 4 comments
Ive just been watching the trailer for Passengers and its really bugging me that Im sure I know the story from somewhere. Apart from the robot bartender who is a direct lift from Douglas Addams Starship Titanic the rest of the story is something Iv more
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 Favorite Reads Of 2016
Posted by starexplorer - 12-28-16 06:44 - 6 comments
In keeping with an annual tradition, I sent these out as an email to friends and family, and share them with you. These are read in 2016, not published. I had an excellent year in nonfiction, and a pretty good one in fiction. I'd love to hear ab more
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 40,000 In Gehenna.
Posted by bmills - 12-23-16 20:56 - 17 comments
It's been a while since I read a non-Foreigner Cherryh, and I was reminded why I liked her so much in the first place. Her stories are not too happy and not too depressing. Bad things happen and then people adjust to them, but they generally com more
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Posted by Kokipy - 12-1-16 00:53 - 5 comments
Surtac, have you read this one? I just started. Pretty good I would say....
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 The Noise Within
Posted by Surtac - 11-25-16 00:37 - 5 comments
... Is our November Babbler.

Anybody else read it and ready to discuss?

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 Call For Submissions 2017
Posted by the mule - 11-9-16 20:11 - 7 comments
The time has come round to start thinking about Babblers for next year. I'm thinking of the Theme of "Plucky Heroines and Square-Jawed Heroes"

possible contenders include

Uprooted by Naomi Narvik
The Empress more
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Posted by Surtac - 10-24-16 04:56 - 8 comments
Finished this one over lunch today.

Anybody else read it yet?

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